Studying photography at the neue schule für fotografie and communication and media research in my hometown fribourg, I'm always on the run, searching for relevant images and new projects between the pulsating city of berlin and a small town somewhere in the province. Would not have it any other way.

image by Jascha Müller-Guthof, June 2018, Berlin 

selected media

Freiburger Nachrichten: Buissonnets-Kinder im Bild

C 41 Magazine: Luca Ellena takes you to the people of Budapest

AYE MAG: Human Leftovers by Luca Ellena

l'oeildelaphotographie: Human Leftovers by  Luca Ellena

Casual Photophile: Featured Photophile No. 001 – Luca Ellena, Switzerland

kikkerbillen - a picture a day: november 24-30 2016 city series by Luca Ellena


contributor to C 41 Magazine Issue 3 about the meaning of "change"

publisher of "nature, grain and simplicity" photography zine

contributor to It's Halcyon Issue 01 - Wander

contributor to #PHOTOGRAPHY Issue 19

publisher of "wir sind - unser Alltag" exhibition catalogue


wir sind, Fondations Les Buissonnets, February 2018 (incl. catalogue)


plötzlich ist alles anders, neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin - OH1,  May 2018


nature, grain and simplictity, 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival, hase Berlin, June 2018


jahreszeiten -1, csgk Berlin, June 2018

einundneunzig, neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin - OH2,  November 2018

Fragmente der Stadt, neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin - OH3, März 2019

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