Swiss photographer moving between Berlin and Fribourg. Represented by the gallery Wertheimer.

image by Jascha Müller-Guthof, June 2018, Berlin 

selected media

Freiburger Nachrichten: Buissonnets-Kinder im Bild

C 41 Magazine: Luca Ellena takes you to the people of Budapest

AYE MAG: Human Leftovers by Luca Ellena

l'oeildelaphotographie: Human Leftovers by  Luca Ellena

Casual Photophile: Featured Photophile No. 001 – Luca Ellena, Switzerland

kikkerbillen - a picture a day: november 24-30 2016 city series by Luca Ellena


contributor to C 41 Magazine Issue 3 about the meaning of "change"

publisher of "nature, grain and simplicity" photography zine

contributor to It's Halcyon Issue 01 - Wander

contributor to #PHOTOGRAPHY Issue 19

publisher of "wir sind - unser Alltag" exhibition catalogue


wir sind, Fondations Les Buissonnets, February 2018 (incl. catalogue)


plötzlich ist alles anders, neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin - OH1,  May 2018


nature, grain and simplictity, 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival, hase Berlin, June 2018


jahreszeiten -1, csgk Berlin, June 2018

einundneunzig, neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin - OH2,  November 2018

Fragmente der Stadt, neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin - OH3, März 2019

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